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The Great Agency Adventure

An old friend of ours here at AAG, Steve Taylor, stopped in Austin during his 14 month tour of the U.S. on his amazing project, The Great Agency Adventure. Steve dropped by our headquarters to spend some time catching up, and allow us to interview him about his journey:

What brings you to Austin?


Well, I’m actually here for my project, The Great Agency Adventure. It’s my attempt to highlight some of creative people and places across the US. I’m working at 14 different agencies in 14 cities in 14 months. Austin is #10 on journey, so I’m pretty far in at this point.


What brought about that idea?


Honestly, it came about through random, unrelated conversations, I was having with some industry friends. I was living and working in NYC and then had to move home for some family business. Once that got settled, I wasn’t sure where to go next—did I stay in Cleveland or head back to New York? On top of that, I was having these chats with people and I noticed that most were either unhappy with where they lived or couldn’t stand where they worked. And these are people who haven’t done much travels, so they weren’t really sure if they’d be happier anywhere else. It kind of grew out of that, because I wanted to open some eyes to the fact that there are highly creative agencies in great cities all over this country. It’s all about finding the right fit for you as an individual.


How has the trip been going so far?


So far, it’s been pretty great. I’ve had some ups and downs, but that’s to be expected. There were some cities I didn’t enjoy very much and others that I’d love to visit again real soon.


Any favorite stops or shops?


Well, I loved going back to New York. It was great to see all my old co-workers and hit up my favorite bars and restaurants. I also loved St. Louis, which was rather unexpected. My agency there—Boxing Clever—was absolutely amazing and the city itself has a really cool creative community. I’d recommend everyone go visit at some point, because if you haven’t been, you’re missing out.


Looking back is there anything you would’ve changed about the project?


Oh, absolutely. I would’ve given myself a lot more time to raise funds up front. I’d say 90% of this trip is self-funded and since I’m one to try and get things done, I kind of shot myself in the foot when it comes to my budget. I booked all my housing and transportation up front and I’ve been paying off the interest ever since. If I could go back and tell myself “book it as you go,” it would’ve saved me so much time and money.


How are you liking Austin?


Austin is great. It’s so different from any of the other places I’ve visited so far. Things out here are just—I’m not sure how to describe it—edgy, perhaps? Nothing out here really has a polish to it. Everyone’s just doing their own thing and building this place as they go. It’s pretty interesting. That and everyone out here loves to drink and party; most cities have pockets of that, but this town seems like one big college campus to me.


Where can people follow along on the remainder of your journey?


Well, the project site is And you can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @zombieparmesan. There’s also a Facebook page too. I’m trying to spread the word everywhere and anywhere.


Thanks, Steve! We had a great time catching up! Enjoy the rest of your time in Austin, and safe travels.




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